• Robust construction
  • Low Initial Pressure drop
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Wide range of Standard size
  • Individually leak tested

"HYGIENO" HEPA filters are manufactured from continuous length superior quality micro glass fiber paper media available in various efficiency grades. The filter media is moisture resistant and fire retardant. Anti-microbial treated papers are also available for special applications. The uniform and closed pleat filter pack grants a high crossing surface to hold the very fine dusts.

The standard frame construction includes fire retardant Wood Particle Board, Galvanized steel and anodized aluminium. High temperature versions are constructed with Stainless steel frames.


Application: Fine particulate filtration 
Type: Deep pleat HEPA Filter
Case: Galvanized steel /  Alu. / SS
Media: Micro-FIBRE GLASS 
Separator: Corrugated Aluminum
Sealant: Polyurethane
Gasket: Neoprene Rubber
EN 1822 efficiency: H12, H13 / H14
MPPS efficiency: H12:>97. 5%, H13:>99.95%, H14:> 99.995%.
 Final pressure drop 500 Pa. (Recommended) 
 Temperature: 90°C 
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